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We understand the value of our services and in traditional agency environments, this can be costly.

We have a holistic view backed by expertise to suit startups, SMEs, large enterprises and institutions. 

Get an idea of our costs below. Let us review your requirements. Our first consultation is free.

Pricing Guide

We offer reasonable once off, monthly and yearly pricing options for start-ups and SMEs. 

We can provide cost estimates for your specific needs.

Let us understand your requirements.

If you know what you are looking for, select the pricing options below to find our more. 

Your identity is the anchor for all public engagements. 

We offer brand, communication and concept campaign solutions to bring your vision to the fore and to ensure your messaging is clear and effective for your audience and objectives. 

For start-ups, smaller projects and SMEs, we offer cost effective solutions to assist in defining your identity.

We understand the value of establishing a sound brand guideline and communication plan. We work with a network of individuals interested in creating bespoke designs to establish your identity in the market and the community. 

Depending on your requirements, the pricing can range from R4 999 to over R50 000.

Unless your requirements are basic, good design, content and video is worth paying for. 

Content Creation can, however, get costly if not supported internally. If no internal team exists, we explore cost effective alternatives. 

Let us understand your requirements.

We are able to execute basic and custom made websites depending on your requirements and budget.

Setup your online presence for a year from as little as R999 per month. We provide 1 page, 5 page, 20 page and unlimited page options for websites. 

Custom and/or concept websites will require a bespoke costing once the specifications have been confirmed. 

We consider SEO, the user journey, your objectives and the practicality of your requirements.

This is includes a 30 minute Consultation and Digital Review of:

  • Your Website
  • SEO Standing
  • Social Media Channels
  • Paid Media Campaigns
  • Analytics and Tracking
We supply an recommended strategy and cost estimate to execute, review and improve performance overtime.

We review:

  • Settings and Implementation
  • Traffic Source Data
  • Goal and Conversion Tracking
  • Integrations & Tools
We provide recommendations and a cost estimate to implement, monitor and report on performance.  

We offer once off SEO Audits from R2 999 and ongoing monthly SEO recommendations and support from R2 999 pm.  

We review your standing, conduct technical reviews and monitor your content and keyword performance. We prioritise implementation of SEO tactics based on your budget and have access to cost effective solutions which empower you to implement changes.  

Some execution strategies, specifically those supporting more advanced SEO strategies have additional fixed and variable costs.

We review and specialise in:

  • Search Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Innovative Media Solutions
  • We review tracking 

We charge a percentage of media spend and generally include additional costs for content creation and other supporting elements and services to improve the return on ad spend.  The cost to execute media campaigns are included with our recommended strategy.

This Includes:

  • 1h Consultation
  • Data Infrastructure Review
  • Digital Review
  • CRM Review
  • Hosting Review

A robust full scale data, digital and human interface infrastructure can be cost R150 000 a year at the least. This is generally a long term commitment and may require training / on boarding.

This is a powerful way to monitor and improve performance while creating scalability through automation and improved customers and audience segmentation. 

We aim to understand your business and business objectives.

We review your Social Media presence and provide recommendations. 

An effective Social Media campaign can cost R4 999 pm depending on the requirements and in-house capabilities. We would generally supplement Social Media campaigns with supporting services and / or campaign bursts.

Basic Social Media ad campaigns can cost R4 999 pm.

Sophisticated Social Media campaigns require a minimum spend of R100 000 pm.

There is also a fair share of media innovation in this space and minimum spends apply.