IH.A Campaign Pack | Essentials Plus


Ensure your Digital Marketing efforts are expansive, yet effective.

We conduct a performance reviews on a monthly bases and manage your Digital Marketing campaign budget based on performance objectives.

Depending on our initial review, we will priorities digital marketing services, channels and formats to achieve ongoing results while developing critical value overtime. Naturally, reporting and insights become richer overtime and more informed strategic decisions can be made.

  • Web Analytics allows us to measure performance and draw meaningful insights.
  • Search Engine Optimisation will improve traffic from Search Engines overtime. SEO may also improve user experience and can require content generation.
  • Social Media allows us to reach and engage with potential audiences with the biggest requirement being content.
  • Paid Media can support all digital marketing objectives, but does require a supportive digital marketing presence and operational organisation.

IH.A Digital Marketing Campaign Package | Essentials Plus

We ensure your digital marketing efforts are expansive, yet effective, by managing spend across:

  • Web Analytics
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising (Paid Media)

A key advantage an IH.A Digital Marketing Campaign Package is our:

  • Holistic approach
  • Enterprise level expertise
  • Strategic insights and recommendations
  • Focus on transformative solutions


    Ideally, you already have the following:

    • Branding
    • Website
    • Objectives
    • Effective operations
    • Creative elements  (design, video and messaging)

    This package does not include:

    Brand, Design, Web Development, Data Management, or CRM services. These aspects are strategically considered in consultation and reporting.


    Effective operations
    Creative elements  (design, video and messaging)

    Set-up, Review and Maintenance

    We consider, review, set-up and integration of:

    Google Tag Manager
    Google Analytics
    Google Search Console
    Paid Media accounts
    Basic Digital Campaign Tools

    Digital Marketing Campaign Channels

    Digital Strategy and Planning
    Web Analytics
    Social Media
    Search Engine Optimisation
    Paid Media
    Content Creation

    Key Focus Areas

    1 to 2

    Expected Results

    A minimum of 500 qualified digital engagements p/m
    A minimum level of exposure of 20 000 impressions p/m