Sustainability is the Future.
How do we fit in?

The Five Capitals of Sustainability beautifully defines a revolutionary framework for understanding economic wealth in relation to sustainability and a guideline to critically review our respective positions. 

It is simple enough to gain immediate value by internalising the key points of each of the Five Capitals of Sustainability. However, mobilising the model to its full extent requires like-minded organisations, collaborations and  partnerships with people who operate across the full spectrum of the value chain.

How We Attribute Value

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The year of 2020 has brought many things to Light. 

Aligning value systems requires a focus beyond Financial Capital. This is what is required to continue developing a sustainable world. 

We understand that it is the individuals who make up the teams and organisations who make an impact in society and people’s lives. In order to make an impact we must do something meaningful. This means we need to attribute value to our position and lives regardless of the scenario we face. IncredibleHumans.Africa is a space for individuals and organisations to collaborate in making a positive impact. We attribute value based on an individuals Human Capital and aim to create sustainable Social Capital. 

In this view, Financial Capital needs to be re-invested into the appropriate areas in order to drive the most sustainable ecosystem. This is more effective when Financial Capital is not the sole or core objective, as this results in Financial Capital being removed from the ecosystem.  

Viewing Human Capital with sustainable value creation in mind, we understand that empowering individuals, or organisations with a team of Incredible Humans results in a meaningful impact, naturally.